Easy Ways to Increase Your Income

When you’re trying to save, whether it’s to pay off debt or put into a savings account, you always feel like you could use a little extra. Over the past year, Brittany and I have found creative ways to make some extra money without having to work 80+ hours/week.

Dog Sitting: Brittany found this amazing website called dogvacay.com. You’re able to sign up as a host to dog sit at your home, walk dogs, doggie day care, dog sit at others’ homes, and much more. You can charge whatever you want. We charged around $20/night for dog sitting and $15/half hour for dog walking. If you host 2 dogs a month for 2 nights each, that’s an easy $80 per month!

PRN or part-time job: If you have the kind of job/career that allows you to work extra hours at the same site or other sites, it’s an easy to way to make more per hour (most of the time) than working a part-time job that pays minimum wage. For example, I am a speech-language pathologist and work a PRN job at a nursing home in addition to my full time job. I worked about 10 hours per month but was able to make good money per hour because it was PRN. That usually helped me make an extra $350-$400 per month! Even if your career doesn’t have PRN jobs, try to pick up extra shifts or get a waitressing or bartending part-time job to get the most money for your time. Those tips add up!

Sell EVERYTHING: It’s so easy to acquire a lot of “useless” stuff after a while. Something you thought was important a year ago may be totally forgotten by now. Go through your clothes, junk drawers, kitchen cabinets, bathroom, etc. and look for items you haven’t used in about a year and put it in the “sell” pile. You can sell it on ebay, amazon, craigstlist, or to a consignment shop. Even if you make $50 on a gigantic pile of stuff, that’s $50 you didn’t have before and a lot less useless stuff in your house!

Use your talents: You may be great at organizing, cleaning, crafts, baking, teaching, or working out. Market yourself on facebook, craigslist, and the local paper for people to pay you for your hobbies. There are a lot of people out there looking for quality work without having to pay a professional.

Crafty Example: If you are really crafty and have a friend getting married, they may prefer to pay you to make their invitations for a fraction of what they would typically pay on wedding invitations.  They would be cute, personal, and way below a typical invitation budget!  My step-sister made some for her brother’s wedding and they look amazing!

Exercise Example: Some people just want someone that has a pretty good idea of what they’re doing to teach them and also help keep them accountable.

Cleaning Example: If you love to clean, you can charge $20-$25 per hour to clean other peoples’ houses.  A few houses per month can add up fast!

Cooking Example: If you have a smoker or make an extra delicious dish, people may want to pay you to make those things for them. I used to work with a guy that made delicious smoked meat. People would buy the meat, give it to him to smoke, and he got paid to do something he really enjoyed!

Easy Income ChartTIP: When you’re working extra hours or jobs to make a little extra or make ends meet, it can be easy to get burned out. One thing I do when I’m working extra is to keep reminding myself what my earning will get me. Sometimes it will pay off a debt, come really close to paying off a debt, or replace money spent on a flight. It’s easier for me to feel like my extra hard work is worth it when I think of it in terms of “things” (as Brittany discussed in her post Making Money Meaningful).  You’ll be able to knock MONTHS off of your credit card or car payments by acquiring this extra “easy” cash.

Tell us how you make some extra cash without breaking your back (and ruining your social life)!

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