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I’m sorry about my late post, but this one comes just in time for the weekend!

About a month ago, my best friend Caitlin, who is a regular online shopper, told me that you can Google promo codes and find some savings for just about anything you order online. So I did. And I saved!

My best friend, Caitlin...the experienced online shopper/saver.

My best friend, Caitlin…the experienced online shopper/saver.

I recently attended a charity wine walk. It was originally supposed to cost $78, but I Googled ‘promo code for wine walk’ and was able to save $20…yes TWENTY dollars just by Google searching! Now I’ve been searching for promo codes for just about anything I buy online (running shoes, photos, concerts) and usually find a discount!

Unfortunately, I’m not able to participate in the Tough Mudder that’s coming to town soon (partly because of my budget and partly because I don’t want to get hurt before my marathon in October), but I searched promo codes for it, and found tons!

It took me about 3 seconds to find these deals!

It took me about 3 seconds to find these deals!

So there it is-short and sweet! Start Google searching a code for your next event, photo orders, or races!

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