What NOT to do on the Weekends

Issue 13-The Mistake Issue

Every Monday we provide you with our past weekend’s agenda to show you how to continue to do what you love on the weekend while using common cents. Unfortunately, this weekend was an awful example of sticking to your budget while enjoying a great weekend.

Total Amount Spent: $237.00

Total Amount Saved: $20.00

The breakdown of my mistakes can be found below:

10.21 Friday10.21 Saturday10.21 SundayWhat went wrong on Sunday:

1. Parking: If I had planned ahead, I would have known how expensive parking was, so I would have made arrangements to park outside of the stadium and walk in to meet our friends.

2. Going to the game: James and I could have had just as much fun, if not more, staying at the tailgate instead of going into the game…and saved ($138.00). If it was a team that we LOVED and had put money aside to save up to go, it would have been OK. Neither of us are from Kansas City so we’re not die-hard fans and we hadn’t saved up for this game; therefore, I “threw out” $138.00 from lack of planning ahead.

3. Pressure of a group/special occasion: It’s much harder to stick to your budget when you’re participating in an event as a group. It’s much harder to turn down spending when 30 other people are around you. This weekend was also a “special occasion” for my boyfriend and the other med students. They just finished their neuro sectioned and this game was part of a celebration. It’s totally fine to splurge on special occasions if you plan ahead and save for it. I knew this day was coming, I just didn’t plan ahead; therefore, I broke my weekend budget by $157.00!!! Ugh! That’s almost my entire car payment for this month!

Weekend Mistake Post

I could have had just as much fun WITHOUT spending $237!!!

Q: Why didn’t I plan ahead?

A: Since this was an event that I was attending with my boyfriend and his group of friends, I wasn’t receiving e-mails and messages about the event. Next time, I’ll make sure to stay in the loop so I can budget accordingly :-)

Lesson Learned: Next time, I’ll know to plan ahead and I’ll know that it’s much for fun staying at the tailgate than going into the game (unless I save up for it).

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