Weekend Survival Guide for the Girl on a Budget

Issue 15

Every Monday we provide you with our past weekend’s agenda to show you how to continue to do what you love on the weekend while using common cents. Unfortunately, this weekend was an awful example of sticking to your budget while enjoying a great weekend.

Total Amount Spent: $96.00

Total Amount Saved: $135.00

 The breakdown of how I did it can be found below:

Weekend 11.3

Since this is James’ last weekend off before another section of med school starts, I wanted to enjoy some fun activities with him. I spent a lot of money on Friday, but it’s within my two week budgeted spending allowance ($150/pay period). Usually I give myself $100/pay period, but I took out my maximum allowance because I knew I’d be paying for James and I this weekend.

Weekend Sat 11.3


Weekend Sun 11.3

My budget plan now includes a “donations” section so that I can donate some money towards causes I feel strongly about without affecting other areas of my budget. I don’t donate every month, but when something comes up, (usually around $25.00) I’m able to donate guilt-free toward a charity of my choice.

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