5 Free Ways to Build your Relationship

1. Workout together. Working out with your significant other is a great way to stay fit, but also a great way to bond. Doing something good for your body and mind somehow brings you closer together. You talk more, your minds are clearer, and you’re burning calories. Partaking in an activity that you both enjoy allows you quality time and a closer relationship.


Training for and running a race together allows you to spend some extra time together and bond on a new level.

2. Parks/Dog Parks. If you have dogs, going to the dog park is a fun way to spend some time with the individuals you love in your life without spending a dime. Walking around a park on a beautiful, sunny day watching your dogs have a great time with the person you love is my idea of a perfect date. If you don’t have dogs, going to a new park can also be fun. Experiencing nature with your boyfriend will make you both feel refreshed and happy.

Dog Park

My dogs LOVE a couple hours at the dog park! Especially when both his parents are there!

3. Netflix. Going to the movies can be fun, but also very expensive. Laying on your couch, eating “movie theater butter” popcorn, and enjoying a movie is a perfect date without having to shell out $30. Save that money so you can enjoy a delicious brunch in the morning.

4. Home restaurant. I love going out to eat. But when you’re buying for two, you’ll spend at least $30 to enjoy a meal together. It can be more fun (and delicious) when you make dinner together at home. You can each make a pizza with your favorite toppings on it and enjoy each other’s favorite things. Or one person can make dinner while the other makes dessert. Using your own ingredients are not only cheaper, but healthier too.


One of our delicious homemade dinners…better than the restaurant.

5. Walks. I also love walks. Walking with your boyfriend is a perfect time to enjoy nature, give your dogs some exercise, give yourself some exercise, and chat with each other. Our worlds are so full of iPads, iPhones, and TVs that sometimes we are physically in the same place but not mentally. Taking walks together brings you physically and mentally closer.

We want to know: What kinds of things do you do to spend time with your person?

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