Decorating on a Budget – Dollar Store Edition

Decorating for Christmas is really exciting, but can also get expensive. There are several ways to save on Holiday decorations.

Idea #1: Buy decorations AFTER the holidays for next Christmas.

  • What I do: I don’t live in a house with a lot of extra storage space, so buying out a Christmas store after the 25th is not my best option.

Idea #2: Save holiday decorations given as gifts for future Christmas’.

  • What I do: I definitely do this and love it! You get a great inventory of items given to you by people you love. The downside is an interesting mix of decorations…all of which may or may not work well together. I do it anyways.
IMG_0386.JPG (2)

Not all of my decorations fall into a specific style-type, but I love looking at decorations that remind me of special people in my life.

IDEA #3: Make your decorations from inexpensive craft materials.

  • What I do: I also am not the craftiest person on the planet, so sometimes my big ideas turn into a pile of Christmas vomit.

IDEA #4: Dollar Store.

  • What I do: You can find some GREAT decorations at various Dollar Stores/Dollar Generals/etc. They have similar items you would buy at target, but for half the cost!
IMG_0387.JPG (2)

It’s no “Winter Wonderland”, but it works!

My Christmas 2013 Decorations:

Wrapped Wall Art: Simply wrap your wall art in wrapping paper and slap a bow on a few!

IMG_0384.JPG (2)

This is my favorite!


Happy Holidays! 

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