My Top 5 Games and Activities for the Holiday’s

I always think I’m not a huge game person, until I actually start playing. I’m the one at the party that whines when someone mentions playing a game, but once I reluctantly start, I am probably the most enthusiastic game player there. I don’t know why I think I hate games? Anyways, here are some hilarious and fun games you can play during your holiday parties with friends and/or family.

Top 5 Games:

1. Spoons. I don’t know if everyone knows what spoons is, but it is potentially really funny (especially when, for some reason, your mom smashes her head on the table instead of her hand…that’s comedy).

  • Materials needed: A deck of cards, spoons

2. Catch Phrase. By far my favorite game of all time! Very simple, fun, and hilarious!

catch phrase

3. Beer Pong/Flip Cup. I don’t know about your families, but mine loves to act like they’re in college during the Holiday’s. These classic college drinking games are a big hit at our family get togethers.

  • Materials: Your drink of choice (usually beer), cups, ping pong balls.
  • Directions: Google it.

4. Christmas Vacation Drinking Games. Game that Brittany previously mentioned and looks extremely funny.

Click on this link to get details on the Christmas Vacation Drinking Game:

Click on this link to get details on the Christmas Vacation Drinking Game:

5. Scattergories. This is a great game to play with people you know well. You’re able to think of what they think is funny or would fit a particular description the best. This game usually results in laughs from ridiculous word pairings :-)

Top 5 Activities:

1. Christmas movie marathons. There are a plethora of Christmas movies on so many channels during the month of December. Flip around and choose your favorite (I’m talking about you, ABC Family 25 days of Christmas)!

2. Christmas Lights Sight Seeing. Drive around in rich neighborhoods and look at their giant houses and beautiful lights.

Christmas Lights House3. Sledding! Who doesn’t like sledding?!

Miles Snow4. If you live in somewhere that has snow: snowshoeing, skiing/snowboarding, cross country skiing.


5. If you don’t live in a place that has snow:I’m not quite sure…ask Brittany :-)


Holiday Bar Crawl. My family started an annual bar crawl and it is one of my favorite things to do when I visit family!

Christmas GroupMerry Christmas and Happy New Year! Brittany and I will be enjoying a two week break and will not post until early January. We look forward to helping you reach your financial goals while having the time of your life in 2014!

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