Weekend Survival Guide for the Girl on a Budget

Issue 25

Every Monday we provide you with our past weekend’s agenda to show you how you can continue to do what you love on the weekend while using your common cents.

Total Estimated Savings: $249.00

Total Amount Spent: $56.00

The breakdown of how I did it can be found below:


Hanging with my dad at his first NHL hockey game. Go 'Yotes!

Hanging with my dad at his first NHL hockey game. Go ‘Yotes!

SaturdaySundayMy fiancé and I were lucky enough to host my dad and his friend at our home Wednesday through Saturday, so they could escape the subzero temperatures of the Midwest and wear shorts while playing a few rounds of golf under the warm Phoenix sun. We made sure to have snacks, beer, and food for meals available so they could eat at home if they preferred that over going out and also saved a coupon for a free pizza from our favorite pizza joint, so we could get dinner for them protest-free for at least one night. :)

Regardless of any financial perspective, it is always fun to have your favorite people spend the weekend with you, but creating a money-win for everyone makes it even better. If our guests had shared a room at a hotel close to our home, the golf courses, and the stadium it would have cost them about $229/night—over the course of 3 nights that equals $343.50 per person! After a few days in the Grand Canyon State, they were heading out to LA to for more sunshine, golf, and good company. LA is only about 5.5 hours from my home. Both airfare and car rental from Phoenix to LA were over $200 (prior to gas expenses), so I met my dad’s friend’s daughter about halfway between our two cities and we exchanged our travelers. Because they are awesome they insisted on paying for my gas, but that was still significantly less than they would have had to pay for a rental car.

Favors often bring favors. Because our house guests were grateful AND gracious, they bought our dinners on Wednesday night, paid for our NHL hockey tickets on Friday night, and took care of my gas expenses when I drove them partway to LA. I have to say that if Joe and I had paid for all of our own expenses while these two were in town, we would still have had a great time and not thought twice about the money we spent. Their kindness was just an added bonus to an already awesome few days, and we are ready for them to come back.  :)

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