Frugal Fitness Rave: Tone It Up

tone it up

Confession: I am a Bravoholic. If you are one of those of people that spend their free time doing things that make the world a better place, I should probably define that term for you.  A  Bravoholic is a person who is addicted to the (mostly) mindless reality TV series found on the Bravo network and also has a special place in his/her heart for the mega-genius Andy Cohen. Most of the shows are appealing to me because they are a COMPLETE escape from anything related to my life, but when I started seeing promotions for a new show called Toned Up that was premiering in January I was instantly counting down the days until I could start watching…and then I was hooked.

After watching a couple of episodes—and getting inspired by Karena’s arms and Katrina’s tush—I decided to get online and see what their brand had to offer. What I discovered was an awesome resource for any active (and financially restrained) girl who is looking for total body or target-toning moves, as well as several other fitness and health related resources like nutrition plans, recipes, and lifestyle tips.

 My Top 5 Favorite FREE Fitness Videos brought to you by Karena and Katrina of Tone It Up

1. Brand Spankin’ New Booty Routine

Brand Spankin New Booty

2. Love Your Arms and Abs

Love your arms and abs

3. Love your Total Body

LOve your total body

4. Love your Abs

Love your abs

5. Aloha Thighs and Waistline (this link will actually take you to two separate videos, but they are on the same webpage so make sure you scroll all the way down)

thighs and waistline

I only listed my 5 favorite FREE strength training videos to pair with my cardio routine, but if you head over to their website,, you can find links to more information about fitness, recipes, lifestyle, and nutrition programs. Plus they are cute, fun, and obviously huge supporters of girls feeling and looking good about themselves. If you are frugal and a fitness fanatic, you really need to check these two out!  

We want to know: have you watched the show, tried the workouts, or signed up for their programs?

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