5 Ways to Shop on a Budget

When you’re on a budget and you’re trying your best to stick to it, it can be difficult to find enough shopping money to fulfill your fashion needs. With the changing seasons, I find myself in need for some new spring/summer clothes, but I don’t see a spot for it in my budget. Below are a few options to build your summer wardrobe without breaking your budget.

1. Make a separate “clothing” fund in your budget. Just add it to your list of monthly expenses. The good thing about this is that you’ll always have money to buy clothes, if that’s what you feel like you need. The bad thing about this is that it takes away a chunk of money from your monthly debt payoff.

2. Save up some of your weekly spending money. Take out a specified amount of money per pay period from your typical spending money and put it toward a ‘clothing money’ fund. This way, you’ll be able to stay within your original budget.


3. Be strategic. Brittany and I both use credit cards (but ALWAYS pay them off in full monthly) to take advantage of the rewards. A good time to buy clothes with be a month when you don’t have extra expenses like a flight, hair appointment, vet, etc.

Fashion Dad and Al

4. Just do it. If you can make it work, use one month of some of your ‘debt payoff’ money toward clothes, then immediately get back on track the next month.

5. Take it slow. Buy one article of clothing each pay period over a certain amount of weeks and before you know it, you’ll have a whole new closet full of clothes without messing with your debt payoff plan!

ShoppingonaBudgetMy decision: I’ve decided to buy one article of clothing each pay period and build my wardrobe over time. Somehow I feel like it hurts less that way AND I can go shopping more!

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