Weekend Survival Guide for the Girl on a Budget

Issue 54

Every Monday we provide you with our past weekend’s agenda to show you how you can continue to do what you love on the weekend while using your common cents.



Friday was Halloween, and luckily Joe and I were invited to a low key costume party with killer (pun intended) snacks.  I rocked the sugar skull look while Joe went as the hunter from Jumanji. Both of our costumes were pretty frugal when compared to what people pay to prep for Halloween these days. On Thursday I bought some fake flowers from JoAnn’s and duct taped/hotglued them to an old headband to create the hairpiece I wore.  Joe had leftover white and black face paint from a previous costume, and the red “paint” is actually lipstick that I stenciled onto my face. I was able to wear clothes that were already in my closet, so in all I only spent $20 on the costume (and that was Thursday, so technically not the “weekend” but I thought it was worth sharing). Joe already had the hat, suit, shirt, tie, socks, shoes, and facial hair 😉 for his costume before making any purchases. He did stop at the thrift store to get a $10 satchel (that doubled as a beverage carrier at the party) to enhance his look. The wonderful party hostesses supplied snacks, and I enjoyed one beer we brought from home while playing Cards Against Humanity—which means I spent ZERO dollars on Halloween. I don’t think I’ve ever pulled that off before, but my friends deserve more credit than I do. Muchas gracias mis amigas!

Friday Spending Stats:

  • Dinner                                                                      $0.00
  • Halloween Party                                                      $0.00
  • BYOB Drinks                                                            $0.00

Total Spent on Friday: $0.00

Estimated Total Friday Savings: $10.00




Saturday day might as well have been called “sports” day because sports dominated my life. I started with 2 giant cups of coffee as I caught up on blog work—posting Sam and I’s favorite links of the past week in the Saturday Morning Hustle and then linking up to Financially Savvy Saturdays and checking out some other entertaining and informative financial posts from the week. Joe coached his last soccer game of the season at 10:00 AM, so I chatted on the phone with my mom while watching the bittersweet game. After soccer, I ran a couple errands and then headed back home to catch the Husker football game on TV. I ate lunch at home and snuck in a circuit training workout during the game before hitting the shower and driving to Scottsdale where Joe and I met some friends for the Arizona Fall League All Star baseball game. We actually got to go to the game for free and got to treat our friends to the game too because one of Joe’s close pals had a bunch of company tickets that wouldn’t have been used otherwise.  Joe bought me a beer at the game, and I brought my own sunflower seeds instead of purchasing a snack there. Although I’ll admit, I had to avoid the hotdog stand entirely—it was tempting but unnecessary. We all went to a local sports bar after the game for dinner and drinks. Joe and I split a buffalo chicken wrap and fries, and each enjoyed one drink before loading up on water. Since he covered me at the game, I picked up the sports bar tab.

Saturday Spending Stats:

  • Breakfast/Coffee (at home)                                              $0.00
  • Soccer Game                                                                     $0.00
  • Lunch (at home)                                                                $0.00
  • Husker Football                                                                 $0.00
  • Workout (fitsugar.com)                                                     $0.00
  • Fall League All Star baseball game                                  $0.00
  • Dinner/Drinks post-game                                                $20.00

Total Saturday Spending: $20.00

Estimated Saturday Savings: $33.00



Sunday morning, I woke up to nice cool temps and decided to grab a cozy blanket and a hot cup of coffee before heading out to enjoy the weather on my patio.  It was pure bliss. By the time I had finished my first cup of the good stuff, Joe had woken up and was busy making breakfast in the kitchen. I am not a photography expert, thus my crappy iPhone shots, but I wish I could do the breakfast burrito he made justice. It was all about the underside of the tortilla—he explained the magical process to me at least twice but I was so enamored with the deliciousness going on in my mouth I couldn’t tell you what he said. It was that good. So good, I think I just dedicated half of my Sunday recap to profess my undying love for that burrito. Joe and I watched a couple episodes of Lost before I took a power nap and then hit the chores hard. I planned meals for the week, made a quick run to the grocery store, and then took advantage of the weather and got in some cardio outside. I also prepped smoothies for the week as my “healthy habit” portion of the November Health and Wealth Challenge I joined.  If you have read any of these posts before, you know I like to start my Monday feeling rejuvenated, and after a busy Friday and Saturday, I was more than happy to spend Sunday pulling our house together a bit and recharging my brain and body.

Sunday Spending Stats:

  • Coffee/Breakfast                                                       $0.00
  • Entertainment/Rest (Netflix)                                    $0.00
  • Outdoor Cardio                                                         $0.00
  • Trader Joe’s (grocery fund)                                      $55.00
  • Lunch/Dinner                                                            $0.00

Total Sunday Spending: $55.00

Estimated Total Sunday Savings: $28.00

Total Estimated Weekend SPENDING:             $75.00

Total Estimated Weekend SAVINGS:           $71.00

Not a lot of spending happening this weekend, but I cut it in half simply by paying attention to everything I put out. Now that it’s officially November, I feel like the weekends are about to get a little bit crazy. Do you have any strategies for saving money and having fun on the weekend–especially with the high travel times that are approaching?

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