Weekend Survival Guide for the Girl on a Budget

Issue 56

Every Monday we provide you with our past weekend’s agenda to show you how you can continue to do what you love on the weekend while using your common cents


Joe did buy my burger and fries, but at least I am a cheap date! photo credit: www.freddysusa.com

Joe did buy my burger and fries, but at least I am a cheap date! photo credit: www.freddysusa.com

The last two weekends, Joe and I have gone out to dinner on Friday night, and it has been a nice way to relax (I’m especially enjoying the no clean up) after the work week. We are thinking of making it a tradition because we can do it in a way that doesn’t cost much money…um, yes we went on a date to Freddy’s (and I’m pretty sure a most of the local high school students were on their dates there as well), but it tasted delicious and the company was good. Last weekend I paid (with a gift certificate) and this weekend, Joe picked up the tab, so I ate for free! We came home where I squeezed in a quick 10 minute relaxing yoga session, and then we rounded out the night by watching Dumb and Dumber on the couch before heading to bed.  A simple, relaxing, and cost free night :)

Friday Spending Stats:

  • Workout (free yoga app video)                                       $0.00
  • Dinner (Joe’s treat) @ Freddy’s                                       $0.00
  • Nightly Entertainment                                                    $0.00

Total Spent on Friday: $0.00

Estimated Total Friday Savings: $5.00



Saturday was one of those days that I felt like I did a ton, and then when I looked back on it, I realized I didn’t do much—which is fine with me! It felt nice after a week of go, go, go! I woke up early to finish the Saturday Morning Hustle and catch up on all of my favorite blogs/articles from the past week. I spent a little quality time with my handsome sir before he headed out for the day and then went for a run OUTSIDE. Desert, I love you in November. I really do. I made the mistake of staying home to watch the Husker football game (can I even call it a game—it was more of a tragedy) instead of going to a free concert with friends. Fail. Although it did probably save me some money because even though the concert was free, I would have spent money on drinks and/or food just because I was out of the house. We are fully stocked with food right now, so I happily ate lunch and dinner at home. The highlight of my Saturday evening was reaching a milestone in my Advent Calendar craft project while watching college football.  At this point in my life—that is my idea of a good time.

Saturday Spending Stats:

  • Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner                                                          $0.00
  • Run (outside)                                                                           $0.00
  • Husker Tragedy & other College Football Games                  $0.00
  • Crafting                                                                                    $0.00

Total Saturday Spending: $0.00

Total Saturday Savings: $15.00



The wind was howling when I woke up Sunday morning, and I wimped out on my run, opting instead for a 10 minute cardio barre workout coupled with a 15 minute arm burner. Each time I do barre, it feels like I find muscles I never knew existed until that very moment, and it burrrrrrns. Yowza.

Joe was my Sunday brunch hero, and he made us cheddar jalapeño waffles to enjoy with our coffee. We rounded out the morning by cozying up on the couch and watched a Netflix showing of The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (WARNING: TearJerker Alert! You will need tissues if you watch this movie).

After the Chiefs beat the Seahawks, we went on (another) hunt looking for the perfect (and perfectly priced) suits or tuxedos for the groomsmen in our wedding. Why is dressing the wedding party so difficult? I think it’s just hard to ask people to spend money wearing something they had no say in choosing for one stinking day. If anyone has any tips on dressing the groomsmen for less PLEASE, PLEASE pretty please share them with me! We struck out in making a final decision, but while looking for some delicious sale candles at Kohls, I found the wreath that is pictured above for $10. It was originally priced at $50.00! All was not lost, and now the wreath is playing a part in helping me slowly up my mantle game. I am definitely planning on adding more, but I admit it’s happening at the pace of a snail. Check in with me next Christmas—I’m sure it will look glorious by then.  😉

In addition to breakfast/brunch, I made a late and light lunch (chicken salad) and dinner (one pot lemon orzo shrimp) with ingredients we already had a home. Both were tasty and cost no extra money. Done and done.

Sunday Spending Stats:

  • Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner                                            $0.00
  • Workout                                                                      $0.00
  • Home Décor                                                              $10.00

Total Sunday Spending: $10.00

Estimated Total Sunday Savings: $40.00

Total Estimated Weekend Spending: $10.00

Total Estimated Weekend Savings: $60.00

I was really, really happy that I could fill my time with cooking, sewing, and watching football for entertainment this weekend because next weekend I am going to be in Florida with my long-lost Samantha!!! Ayyiiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiy! It’ll be nice to have as much spending money as possible for my trip.

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