Weekend Survival Guide for the Girl on a Budget

Issue 57

Every Monday we provide you with our past weekend’s agenda to show you how you can continue to do what you love on the weekend while using your common cents.


I was so excited to leave work and drive to Orlando to see Brittany! She flew to Orlando to attend a conference so we were able to make it a friend’s trip too! I was soooo hungry driving to Orlando, but between the 21 day fix and my budget, I decided to skip a snack and wait until dinner. We were both tired after long days so we had a little pre dinner coffee in the room and then split an appetizer and sandwich at dinner…delicious! We stopped at Walgreens on the way home to grab a small snack and some $4.00 wine :-)

Brittany Visit Friday picFriday Spending Stats:

  • Car Snack                                                      $0.00 (skipped and waited until I arrived)
  • Coffee                                                            $0.00 (made in hotel room)
  • Cream & sugar for coffee                             $0.00 (snatched some extras from food court)
  • Dinner                                                           $15.00
  • Drinks & Dessert                                           $7.00

 Total Spent on Friday: $22.00

Estimated Total Friday Savings: $23.00


Saturday started off by me sleeping in while Brittany attended the conference in the morning. I picked her up and we decided to wait until we got to my house to eat but I was feeling a little sleepy so I had to stop make a quick pit stop for a coffee at Dunkin. We enjoyed an easy lunch at my house followed by a nice, long, much needed nap. We sat around and enjoyed some girl talk while grilling out and drinking some wine. It was the perfect night to just sit around, eat some healthy home cooked food, and catch up!

Brittany Visit Saturday picSaturday Spending Stats:

  • Breakfast                                                       $0.00 (skipped)
  • Coffee @ Dunkin Donuts                              $2.00
  • Lunch                                                             $0.00
  • Dinner                                                            $0.00
  • Drinks                                                             $8.00

Total Saturday Spending: $10.00

Estimated Saturday Savings: $32.00


Today was the day to experience it all! We started with “yoga fix” followed by our Shakeology and some coffee on the couch. Once we had our caffeine kick, we packed a picnic and some drinks for our day at the beach. We started off our adventure with some kayaking (and some shark watching) which was a great way to experience the water and outdoors! After kayaking we were ready for lunch so we headed to the beach for some good food and people watching. Finishing off our weekend trip was a delicious 21 day fix approved dinner at home and catching up on reality TV.

Brittany Visit Sunday picSunday Spending Stats:

  • Breakfast                                                                            $0.00 (Shakeology at home)
  • Coffee                                                                                  $0.00 at home
  • Kayaking                                                                             $26.50
  • Beach                                                                                  $0.00 (picnic lunch and drinks)
  • Dinner                                                                                 $0.00 (at home)

Total Sunday Spending: $26.50

Estimated Total Sunday Savings: $27.00

Total Estimated Weekend SPENDING:             $59.00

Total Estimated Weekend SAVINGS:           $82.00

I was so excited to show Brittany my new home and experience some of the fun activities around Florida. We were so caught up in hanging out and talking about each others lives that we didn’t have to spend money to make it fun. How did you make your budget work for your life this weekend?

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