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As the year comes to a close, we thought it would be fun to share Fun on a Budget’s most popular posts of 2014.  The results are varied, which might mean we haven’t found our niche OR it might mean that our audience is just as varied as the top 10 most-viewed posts :) One thing is for sure—we won’t stop writing about beating the student loan system, rewarding and forgiving ourselves over financial triumphs and failures, planning and attending weddings, our own personal debt stories (for all you nosy people who like seeing those numbers–who doesn’t, right?), saving money on food expenses, and finding ways (and the money) to take enjoyable vacations.

We hope all the newbie readers enjoy what has been going on here at Fun on a Budget over the past year just as much as everyone else. As chosen by the readers themselves, here are the most popular posts of 2014.

10. What are You Packing in that Lunchbox?

5 lunches that taste good, keep you full, are easy to pack, and save you money. These examples can be altered in a variety of ways to create many different lunch options. Packing lunch and taking it to work does not mean you have to eat the same thing every day.

Over multiple years, your lunch-packing habit could help you save enough money to contribute a significant amount of cash into a savings account for a home, car, or college without making any other income or lifestyle changes.  So if packing your lunch and carrying it to work every day is so awesome, why isn’t everyone doing it?

9. Mythbusters: How to Make Your Debt Payments Count


Paying extra on your student loans can make a big difference, especially if you allocate those payments the right way and make them count.

8. Healthy Staples for Less than $25 a Week

$25 of healthy staples

Through trial and error I have learned that there are THREE cardinal rules when it comes to consistently keeping healthy meals on the table without upping your grocery spending.  I am SO happy to share these rules because they also debunk one of the biggest myths out there regarding healthy eating (which also happens to be one of my biggest pet peeves). The next time you hear someone say, “I want to eat healthy, but it’s just too expensive,” you can flick them on the forehead, and then refer them to this website because they are wrong.

7. Six Fun Ways to Reward Yourself for Reaching Financial Goals

Mental breaks come in all shapes and sizes. My favorites come on yoga mats, with lots of pages, and in wine bottles.

Victories are a little bit better when they are followed by a party. Here are 6 fun ways to reward yourself for reaching financial goals without falling off the savvy-spending bandwagon.

6. How to Turn a Long Weekend into a 3 Day Cross Country Vacay on a Reasonable Budget


Traveling can seem impossible when you’re on a budget and working to meet long term financial goals, but it can be done and done well :) Here is how I left the freezing temperatures and snow covered ground of the Midwest to spend my holiday weekend basking in the desert sun for just $330.00.

5. My Life on a Budget: A Year in Review

title pic

So, here we are one year later, and it just wouldn’t be right not to reflect on how being on a budget has impacted our lives, right? I must say that I originally assumed I would post about how my budget has impacted my debt only, but once I started taking a deeper look at all that has happened (or not happened) and changed over this past year, I realized that the debt numbers are only half of it :)

The link above and the picture link will take you to Brittany’s Year in Review, but if you want to see how being on a budget impacted Sam’s life too you can find that post HERE.

4. 15 Creative and Cheap Halloween Costumes


Everybody wants a costume that makes the other ghouls and goblins cheer when they enter the room, but nobody wants to spend a fortune to get that recognition. Lucky for you, I’ve dug through the archives of the most creative and low income years of my life and am ready to share 15 creative and cheap Halloween costumes that will help you avoid being a party pooper at your next boo bash.

3. How to Deal when Debt Tests your Patience


Paying off debt takes a lot of determination and in some cases a LOT of patience as well, but we are all human here and let’s be real–sometimes that patience wears thin. The question is, can it wear so thin that you decide to take your entire paycheck immediately after it’s deposited into your account and combine that with a “little” from your emergency savings in order to reach your goal? That doesn’t sound like the best idea, buuuut I did it anyway. ;)

2. Wedding Budget 101: A step-by-step guide to Wedding Budgets for the Financially Unprepared Bride to Be

wedding perspective

Here is how a completely financially unprepared Bride-to-Be can create a personalized budget and payment plan suitable for a paid in full, aisle-walking day of I Do’s.

1. 25 Reasons being in Debt Sucks


Hi, my name is Brittany, and I am in debt...and it sucks. There are days in my life when I take a look at myself or my home and think, “Are you f@#!ing kidding me?” Because it’s hard to stay positive and pumped up about doing what’s best (and usually the most difficult) all the time, I present to you the current movie that has been on repeat in my brain for the past couple of weeks: 25 Reasons Being in Debt Sucks...hard.

As we wave goodbye to 2014 and embark on a new year we both wish you all the best and as always thank you for stopping by our little blog. If you are ever feeling nostalgic for your favorite financial mumbo jumbo, you can find all of these posts waiting for you on our Pinterest page and filed in our archives 😉

Happy Holidays!!

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