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Issue 67

Every Monday we provide you with our past weekend’s agenda to show you how you can continue to do what you love on the weekend while using your common cents!

Weekend Survival Guide for Girl on a Budget - Fun on a Budget Blog


I spent way too much of my brain space thinking about kimchi on Friday afternoon, so following the end of the workweek, I decided to forego cooking dinner myself and went out for Korean with my better half. Even though part of me wanted a beer, I drank water instead—predicting that a post-dinner dessert stop being the culprit of my extra calories and spending. I’m glad I made that choice because we hit up a new neighborhood Fro-yo joint to satisfy that sweet tooth. I give both spots two thumbs up and appreciated the break from cooking and cleaning after a long work week :) Now that we share all of our money, we decided to dedicate a specific amount of cash each month to pay for our joint date-ish activities, so that’s how we paid for our full bellies on Friday.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for...froyo.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for…froyo.

Friday Spending Stats:

  • Dinner  Date                                  $45.00
  • Frozen Yogurt                                    $6.00

Total Friday Spending: $51.00

Estimated Total Friday Savings: $5.00


Saturday was an errand day and couch night—50% how I like it, no shame in my game! I woke up early to get back into my blogging routine (funnily enough a post about routines is coming your way soon) by posting a new Saturday Morning Hustle and making some upgrades to Fun on a Budget Blog’s appearance.  Slowly but surely sprucing it up here.  I had half a pot of coffee for breakfast and leftover bibimbap for lunch before heading across town to pick out my bridesmaid dress for Sam’s wedding (whoop whoop!) and complete some much anticipated shopping via gift cards at Crate and Barrel. I purchased only one half of the amount of towels on my wish list because I wanted to stay near my gift card total to limit out of pocket spending. While driving home from my shopping excursions,  I resisted a snack attack and kept my foot on the gas pedal as I drove past all restaurants serving french fries.  Once home, I satiated that salt craving with food from our pantry, cleaned up a bit around the house, ate the second half of the leftover bibimbap for dinner, and then settled on the couch with a cup of peppermint-lemon tea for a night of catching up with my DVR. It was heavenly.

As soon as I realized that I had chosen a bridesmaid jumpsuit--not a dress--I had to let Sam know it was what I'd be wearing at her wedding...haha! I kid, I kid.

As soon as I realized that I had chosen a bridesmaid jumpsuit–not a dress–I had to let Sam know it was what I’d be wearing at her wedding…haha! I kid, I kid.

Saturday Spending Stats:

  • Breakfast/Lunch (leftovers)                                                             $0.00
  • Bridesmaid dress (waiting to order online to save $50.00!)            $0.00
  • Crate and Barrel                                                                             $12.00
  • Snack Attack (AVOIDED!)                                                               $0.00
  • Dinner                                                                                              $0.00

Total Saturday Spending: $12.00

Estimated Total Saturday Savings: $150.00


Sunday was definitely dedicated to getting organized across multiple life areas. I started the day getting my written budget back on track, syncing that up with my mister’s written budget, and knocking out our first—and almost second—paid off debt’s as a married couple. No rest Just two weeks rest for the wicked in this house. After our finances were officially in order, I dedicated a few hours to blog work. I feel extremely far behind and have been enjoying getting back on the grind. I made a loose meal plan for the week, and we set out for Costco and Trader Joe’s to pick up the necessities (strictly sticking to the list and missing out on a few items we wanted). Cooking a bomb meal on Sunday to kick start the week has become one of my favorite rituals, so I made a batch of black bean burgers and an attempt at copying the Santorini Farro Salad I had a Cheesecake Factory last weekend. My salad wasn’t as good as theirs, but if I figure out what they are working with that I’m not, I’ll share the secret with all of you :) Post meal time, I rounded out my weekend by finishing up laundry and dishes. The fabulous life continues (please read sarcasm).

Cozy day in laundering some fresh towels and completing lots of paperwork.

Cozy day in laundering some fresh towels and completing lots of paperwork.

Sunday Spending Stats:

  • Breakfast                      $0.00
  • Lunch                            $0.00
  • Costco                        $72.00
  • Trader Joe’s                $33.00
  • Dinner                           $0.00
  • Fun/Entertainment         $0.00

Total Sunday Spending: $95.00

Estimated Total Sunday Savings: $50.00

Total Estimated Weekend Spending: $158.00

Total Estimated Weekend Savings: $205.00

This past weekend was a good opportunity to get back on the type of track that has helped me pay off so much debt over the last year and a half. Three years ago I would have spent at least $100 more at Crate and Barrel in order to get everything I wanted immediately, spent $50 extra to get my bridesmaid dress in store to avoid the “hassle” of taking another step to look it up online, and spent at least an additional $50.00 when grocery shopping to get everything I want all at once.

The willpower will prove it’s worth it once again when I use that unspent money to help put the kibosh on another loan payment later this week.

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