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5 ways to stay in the loop without spending a lot of money (or any at all!)

1. Go for a walk.  Not only is this a great way to socialize, but it’s also healthier.  It keeps you away from the booze and junk food and out in the fresh air!

  • Pros: Talking while walking not only gets your endorphins running, but it keeps you distracted, resulting in a longer walk (more cals burned) and more time to chat.  Oh yeah, and it’s free!Host Party

2. Get a coffee.  Lots of people want to do dinner or lunch but how about “grabbing a coffee”.  With a couple bucks per cup and a nice atmosphere to sit in, where could you go wrong?

  • Pros: Get your caffeine fix, spend some time with friends in a cozy space, and only spend a couple bucks.

3. Bring back the house parties.  A case of Miller Lite (my favorite) costs about $14.  Bring your case of cheap beer to a friend’s house or invite them over.  That way, you can drink all of your 24 beers and fall into your bed (or floor, bathtub, porch, lawn, etc) instead of sipping on your $5 Miller Lite bottles at the bar and leaving being able to pass a sobriety test.

  • Pros: You’re able to feel comfortable in your house or a friend’s while drinking your favorite drink for WAY less.

4. HH.  Of course, Happy Hour.  My favorite.  HH’s are great because you can get some decent food and drinks for about half the cost.  Make a plan to spend $10.  That could be 4-5 $2 Miller Lites or 1-2 Miller Lites and some chips and salsa. Yum. Note: First Post PicHH’s are usually early (between 4-6pm) or really late (11am-1pm).

  • Pros: HH’s are very popular, especially among work friends. You’re able to get out for a bit without dropping a week’s worth of spending money but still being able to enjoy a few drinks and snacks.

5. Host dinner. Brittany’s amazing college friends had the brilliant idea to have “dinner club”.  The 5-6 of them rotate whose house dinner club is at each month (or every other).  The host pays for one dinner ($50-60) and the guests arrive empty handed.  Each take a turn which means each party costs $10 per dinner/drinks.  Not only that, but it usually gets a little crazy (which couldn’t happen in a restaurant).

  • Pros: You’re able to enjoy a great meal, a fabulous time, and a couple (or 5) glasses of wine for $10 instead of $50+ every month for girls night.  Win-win-win!

What are some ways that you save money while still having a great time?