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Weekend Survival Guide for the Girl on a Budget

Issue 68

Every Monday Wednesday we provide you with our past weekend’s agenda to show you how you can continue to do what you love on the weekend while using your common cents!

Weekend Survival Guide for the Girl on a Budget: Issue 68 - Fun on a Budget Blog does a Beachy Bachelorette Weekend!


Friday afternoon marked the beginning of my spring break (perks of working in the school system), and I spent most of my day in the car headed to San Diego for a weekend bachelorette party.  Some of the girls that had arrived earlier in the day made a grocery trip to stock the house with snacks, drinks, and appetizers to keep us hydrated and full between our meals and adventures.  Knowing this, I packed some fruit, almonds, beef jerky, and coconut water to tide over my tummy while driving and chipped in for the weekend’s supplies when I arrived at the house just before I started enjoying them. Friday was our night in to shower the bride-to-be with gifts as we all got to know each other, so as far as limiting my spending goes, it was a success—much cheaper than hitting bars or a restaurant.

Weekend Survival Guide for the Girl on a Budget: Issue 68 - Fun on a Budget Blog does a Beachy Bachelorette Weekend!

Friday Spending Stats:

  • Car Snacks                                                                 $0.00
  • Dinner/Late night snacks                                        $10.00
  • Nightlife (stayed in and opened gifts)                     $0.00

Total Friday Spending: $10.00

Estimated Total Friday Savings: $20.00


We had planned on heading out for brunch on Saturday morning, but in typical vacation fashion we got a late start and didn’t have time to squeeze it in before our 12:00 lunch reservation. Our amazing trip organizer made a reservation at Ballast Point brewery—which had the most reasonable beer prices I have EVER seen in my life, EVER—where we ate lunch and tasted some seriously delicious brews before finding our favorites. Following lunch we toured the brewery (free!), and because we were enjoying ourselves so much, we decided to stick around for a couple of hours before heading back to the beach house. While I did skip purchasing any Ballast Point gear from their souvenir shop, I did get a big ol’ can of their Thai Chili White Wahoo for my husband.  Once we got home we ate some snacks then thought we’d check out the neighborhood for some dinner spots. Being the old broads that we are, we struck out and were unimpressed with the “scene”, so we opted to order some pizza as we were on our way home.  I fell asleep as we were waiting for the WORST PIZZA DELIVERY EVER—no shame.

Weekend Survival Guide for the Girl on a Budget: Issue 68 - Fun on a Budget Blog does a Beachy Bachelorette Weekend!

Saturday Spending Stats:

  • Brunch                                                                    0.00
  • Lunch (drinks included)                                      $37.00
  • Brewery Tour                                                         $0.00
  • Drinks                                                                     $7.00
  • Beer for my Beloved                                              $9.00
  • Souvenirs                                                               $0.00
  • Dinner                                                                    $5.00

Total Saturday Spending: $61.00

Estimated Total Saturday Savings: $65.00


Sunday morning we did make it to brunch—at which I ordered a bombtastic egg sandwich and saved half to tide me over during mealtimes later that day.  I also forgot to grab my sunglasses on my way out of the house that morning and browsed some shops to see if I could find a cheap pair that could tide me over for the next couple of hours but passed. They were all cheaper than their price tags, and you all know my feelings on wasting money. Squinty brunch, here I come! A few of us spent the rest of the morning catching some rays on the beach before making our way to Stone Brewery for a lunch/dinner combo and more beer (seeing a pattern here?). I was able to order one of the cheapest entrees on the menu—yeah I said it—because of the leftover brunch I strategically saved earlier in the day. We had a little time to enjoy the scenery and peruse the gift shop (you know I walked away empty handed) before heading back to the beach for a sunset bonfire to round out the weekend.  I couldn’t ask for a better send off than smores :)

Weekend Survival Guide for the Girl on a Budget: Issue 68 - Fun on a Budget Blog does a Beachy Bachelorette Weekend!

Sunday Spending Stats:

  • Brunch:                                                                        $19.00
  • Sunglasses Shopping                                                  $0.00
  • Lunch:                                                                           $0.00
  • Beach/Afternoon Fun                                                   $0.00
  • Early Dinner/Brewery                                                 $31.00
  • Souvenirs                                                                       $0.00
  • Bonfire                                                                         $10.00

Total Sunday Spending: $60.00

Estimated Total Sunday Savings: $25.00

*Total Estimated Weekend Spending: $131.00

Total Estimated Weekend Savings:  $110.00

I was a little late on getting this Weekend Survival Guide out, but hey—a bachelorette party and 5.5 hours of solo driving will do that to you. Being as it is humpday, this can serve as a wonderful reminder that “next” weekend is only a few days away :) I was able to pay for nearly my entire trip’s expenses without spending much above my regular allotted cash amounts by consciously not spending my designated “spending money” from my previous two pay periods. It took a little planning ahead before I left and some reorganization once I got back (because I used my debit card when splitting group meals), but to me it is worth saving that $110.00—especially when I’ve got some gift giving expenses in my near future (woohoo to exciting life events!)

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*The cost of staying at the beach house was paid for months in advance and not included in my weekend spending totals. Eight people had their own bed in a house that was within walking distance to the beach for just $150 (check in Friday and checkout Monday) for the entire weekend. That’s what we call Fun on a Budget 😉

You can find this week’s Weekend Survival Guide linked up at Alex and Cassie’s Thrifty Thursday and Living Well, Spending Less.

Fun on a Budget’s Most Popular Posts of 2014

Most Loved Posts 2014 - Fun on a Budget Blog

As the year comes to a close, we thought it would be fun to share Fun on a Budget’s most popular posts of 2014.  The results are varied, which might mean we haven’t found our niche OR it might mean that our audience is just as varied as the top 10 most-viewed posts :) One thing is for sure—we won’t stop writing about beating the student loan system, rewarding and forgiving ourselves over financial triumphs and failures, planning and attending weddings, our own personal debt stories (for all you nosy people who like seeing those numbers–who doesn’t, right?), saving money on food expenses, and finding ways (and the money) to take enjoyable vacations.

We hope all the newbie readers enjoy what has been going on here at Fun on a Budget over the past year just as much as everyone else. As chosen by the readers themselves, here are the most popular posts of 2014.

10. What are You Packing in that Lunchbox?

5 lunches that taste good, keep you full, are easy to pack, and save you money. These examples can be altered in a variety of ways to create many different lunch options. Packing lunch and taking it to work does not mean you have to eat the same thing every day.

Over multiple years, your lunch-packing habit could help you save enough money to contribute a significant amount of cash into a savings account for a home, car, or college without making any other income or lifestyle changes.  So if packing your lunch and carrying it to work every day is so awesome, why isn’t everyone doing it?

9. Mythbusters: How to Make Your Debt Payments Count


Paying extra on your student loans can make a big difference, especially if you allocate those payments the right way and make them count.

8. Healthy Staples for Less than $25 a Week

$25 of healthy staples

Through trial and error I have learned that there are THREE cardinal rules when it comes to consistently keeping healthy meals on the table without upping your grocery spending.  I am SO happy to share these rules because they also debunk one of the biggest myths out there regarding healthy eating (which also happens to be one of my biggest pet peeves). The next time you hear someone say, “I want to eat healthy, but it’s just too expensive,” you can flick them on the forehead, and then refer them to this website because they are wrong.

7. Six Fun Ways to Reward Yourself for Reaching Financial Goals

Mental breaks come in all shapes and sizes. My favorites come on yoga mats, with lots of pages, and in wine bottles.

Victories are a little bit better when they are followed by a party. Here are 6 fun ways to reward yourself for reaching financial goals without falling off the savvy-spending bandwagon.

6. How to Turn a Long Weekend into a 3 Day Cross Country Vacay on a Reasonable Budget


Traveling can seem impossible when you’re on a budget and working to meet long term financial goals, but it can be done and done well :) Here is how I left the freezing temperatures and snow covered ground of the Midwest to spend my holiday weekend basking in the desert sun for just $330.00.

5. My Life on a Budget: A Year in Review

title pic

So, here we are one year later, and it just wouldn’t be right not to reflect on how being on a budget has impacted our lives, right? I must say that I originally assumed I would post about how my budget has impacted my debt only, but once I started taking a deeper look at all that has happened (or not happened) and changed over this past year, I realized that the debt numbers are only half of it :)

The link above and the picture link will take you to Brittany’s Year in Review, but if you want to see how being on a budget impacted Sam’s life too you can find that post HERE.

4. 15 Creative and Cheap Halloween Costumes


Everybody wants a costume that makes the other ghouls and goblins cheer when they enter the room, but nobody wants to spend a fortune to get that recognition. Lucky for you, I’ve dug through the archives of the most creative and low income years of my life and am ready to share 15 creative and cheap Halloween costumes that will help you avoid being a party pooper at your next boo bash.

3. How to Deal when Debt Tests your Patience


Paying off debt takes a lot of determination and in some cases a LOT of patience as well, but we are all human here and let’s be real–sometimes that patience wears thin. The question is, can it wear so thin that you decide to take your entire paycheck immediately after it’s deposited into your account and combine that with a “little” from your emergency savings in order to reach your goal? That doesn’t sound like the best idea, buuuut I did it anyway. ;)

2. Wedding Budget 101: A step-by-step guide to Wedding Budgets for the Financially Unprepared Bride to Be

wedding perspective

Here is how a completely financially unprepared Bride-to-Be can create a personalized budget and payment plan suitable for a paid in full, aisle-walking day of I Do’s.

1. 25 Reasons being in Debt Sucks


Hi, my name is Brittany, and I am in debt...and it sucks. There are days in my life when I take a look at myself or my home and think, “Are you f@#!ing kidding me?” Because it’s hard to stay positive and pumped up about doing what’s best (and usually the most difficult) all the time, I present to you the current movie that has been on repeat in my brain for the past couple of weeks: 25 Reasons Being in Debt Sucks...hard.

As we wave goodbye to 2014 and embark on a new year we both wish you all the best and as always thank you for stopping by our little blog. If you are ever feeling nostalgic for your favorite financial mumbo jumbo, you can find all of these posts waiting for you on our Pinterest page and filed in our archives 😉

Happy Holidays!!

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 Brittany & Sam

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Frugal Friday

What to Ditch in December for Less Stress this Holiday Season


Experiencing the season of sleigh bells and the scent of pine (ahhh it’s so good) as an adult is a little different from the visions I remember seeing through my childhood eyes. Times have changed and so have my Christmas-Colored glasses. Sometimes when I get really overwhelmed I start hearing a cheering squad of elves chanting…

When you say “Christmas Tree” I say “Vacuuming”!

When you say “Cookies” I say “Weight Gain”!

When you say “Parties” I say “More Sleep”!

So that cheering is a bit exaggerated, and overall I really do like the Holiday season, but man it can become S-T-R-E-S-S-F-U-L if you let it. Luckily, I know that I can make little changes in my daily life during the month of December to save money and decrease stress (more often than not, those two go hand in hand) so that I can ditch the Grinchy Vibes and allocate the majority of my brain power can be spent thinking about really important things like …

  1. Hitting every Holiday Party. There are so many parties this time of year. It’s completely acceptable to turn a few down. It saves money on the inevitable grab bag gift and potluck item, but it also leaves more time for other important life things…like sleep. 😉 This year I am attending 3/5.
  2. Going out to Eat. Seriously, this time of year I feel like every time I turn a corner I stumble upon another holiday dish. People are baking and sharing constantly, so enjoy those as your eating “treats” and forgo eating out so you can put your money to better causes—like returning the cookie-baking favor or scoring amazing gifts for your family and friends.
  3. Last Minute Shopping. If you are one of those people who gets their shopping completed only when it’s preceded by the countdown-clock adrenaline rush, move right on down to number four. Last minute shopping can’t exist in my happy place. It just can’t.
  4. Trying to bring the Best Gift for the White Elephant Gift Exchange. It cannot be held against me to promote humility during the holiday season can it? I’m not advocating for you to bring the worst gift either, but it is important to remember that physical gifts are just one teeny tiny part of the whole face-stuffing, hug-giving, mistletoe-hopping holiday party scene. Let your love be louder than your gift (consider my token holiday cheesy comment completed—but you guys know I’m right). 😉
  5. Shopping for Yourself. Put your own shopping wants on the backburner so you can focus your time, energy, and money on others. I’m sure you’ve got plenty of friends and family that are doing the same for you!
  6. Going for Best Dressed. It is 100% okay to wear clothes that you already own to your holiday party despite what the beautiful holiday ads are telling you. But you already knew that, didn’t you?
  7. Guilt.  Don’t beat yourself up for not saving every penny you wanted to keep in your bank account, missing a few parties, wearing the same holiday ensemble twice, or eating a couple dozen extra cookies this holiday season. Santa ain’t got no time for that!

These are all simple tweaks that I can survive without for a short amount of time in order to enjoy the holiday season in a way that would make Buddy the Elf proud.

What change-ups in your typical routine do you make so that you have more time and money for others during the holiday season? What are you not willing to compromise on?

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Holiday Blasts from the Past: Holidays on a Budget & Conquering 9 Budget Busters this Holiday Season

If you are feeling ambitious (or like an iPad scrolling couch potato) you can find this post and many other DIY, food, and frugally based posts from the past week at The Frugal Friday Link Up Party & as *Part of Financially Savvy Saturdays on brokeGIRLrich*!

10 Reasons I’m Thankful for my Budget

This holiday season I’ve reflected on many things that I am grateful for, and at first glance a significant amount seemed to be completely unrelated to money. However, when I look a little closer and peel back a layer of the onion that is my life, I see that being on a budget has impacted all areas by really putting a spotlight on what I value most and pushing all the other distractions into the shadows (where they belong).

When you are forced to prioritize your life because you’ve decided to purposefully live on a budget, you start to see things you didn’t see before, increase the magnitude with which you appreciate all that is around you, and learn a whole lot about personal growth. It’s inevitable. My budget has freed me from preoccupations with material items and the opinions of others, and now I have the energy and openness to be Super Duper Supremely GRATEFUL for the best things in life.

Muchas gracias, Budget.  You deserve it.


A night spent grilling out and chatting about life with Sam is supreme quality for me and it’s FREE! For Miles, her dog, it may have felt like torture.

1) Increased Quality Interactions  Because I’m spending less money on things to use and events to go to, much more of my time is spent doing simple things to interact with others. When you only have each other (and sometimes one person’s cute little baby or lovable dog) to entertain you, your own personalities and best qualities have a chance to step up to the plate and make life fun.

2) Decreased Fear of Rejection By nature, I am not the world’s biggest fan of being told no or feeling like I’m inconveniencing others. It’s been a lifelong battle to put myself out there to face the possibility of rejection. A not so wise college friend (who was referring to asking a car rental company to let a group of 23 year old spring breakers rent vans to reach their destination) once uttered a phrase that I replay in my mind to this day when I consider not asking for something I want

“What’s the worst they can do? Say no and laugh in your face?”

That actually is the worst they can do, and really—that’s not so bad. When you are on a budget people are constantly teasing you or reminding you that you can’t do something with them because you “have no money” (which is false, but whatever, people are good at hearing what they want to hear) and this helps thicken your skin and decrease your concern with what other people think of you. If asking for a better deal, decreased price, more product for the price that is being charged is received with a laugh in my face and the big N-O, I can handle it. And if it’s not–score!

3) I’m less wasteful I’m convinced that the footprint I’m leaving behind has become much shallower since I’ve been on a budget. I’ve developed a strong aversion to wasting anything—printing paper, food, gas, paper towels, electricity, water—you name it, I’m trying hard not to waste it. It’s helping my wallet, but it’s good for our planet too.

Little things like my better half taking the time to make me a Saturday breakfast and me taking the time to follow with clean up are actually "big things" to me

Little things like my better half taking the time to make me a Saturday breakfast and me taking the time to follow with clean up are actually “big things” to me

4) “Little Things” become “Big Things” You know the saying, “It’s important to enjoy the little things in life,” but I think that being on a budget has shifted my perspective because those little things carry more weight now. Why shouldn’t they? It’s mega important to say something kind to a person you care about (or a person you don’t), go out of your way to help someone (even if it is just taking out the trash), or simply appreciate a day filled with nice weather. The previously conceived “little things” now make a BIG, fat positive impact on my day :)

5) Control over “Big Life” Stuff  Knowledge is power. Because I know where I stand monetarily each day, I no longer make monetary decisions that will put me in a position that takes away my own personal sense of control. I remember the feelings of complete helplessness I felt a few years ago when my car broke down and I was left with $600 for a down payment to replace it. I had no idea how to make a well-informed and responsible decision in that realm, and it scared me something real good. Never again my friends, never again.


This picture was taken basically in the backyard of our $30 bungalow. Sure, we got the key from a sketchy convenience store below, but I’m still here to tell about it. Nothing beats falling asleep to the waves and drinking coconut water from coconuts you knocked down and chopped open yourselves on your practically private backyard beach.

6) Unique Travel Experiences Because money is an object, I travel differently now. Yes, I have missed out on many 5 star hotels, day trips to the spa, room service orders, fancy rental cars, and all inclusive resorts. Luckily I have gotten to stay in a $30 per night bungalow right on a white Costa Rican beach, spent my days hiking alongside waterfalls, eaten $5 local favorite meals, ridden the metro/bus solo, and spent my nights in the homes of residents in my travel destination and broadened my knowledge of their culture and lifestyle.

7) A Tangible Future Planning for the future is much simpler when I have an awareness of my capabilities. Knowing how much I can afford, the timeline for saving, when a big payment is looming, or when I can make a big life move/expense creates a vision for goals with a clear path. There are fewer questions of “if “and “when” because I know where I am right now, and what I need to do to get to get where I want to go.

8) Less Stress Before I get paid, I look at where I will be spending my money. For recurring payments, I plan for exact amounts and for special occasions I budget a reasonable estimate. I never have to worry about whether or not I will run out of money in order to pay for life’s expenses. Simply put: Because I plan how to spend my money, I don’t have to stress about spending too much money.

Taking advantage of perfect running weather instead of taking advantage of the flavor of the day helps me stay healthier and save money or spending opportunities with others.

Taking advantage of perfect running weather instead of taking advantage of the flavor of the day helps me stay healthier and save money for spending opportunities with others.

9) I’m Healthier Every dollar counts, but so does every hour of sleep and every piece of food you put into that beautiful machine otherwise known as your body. Because my “entertainment” money is a set number, unhealthy options like staying out late for drinks, ice cream shop stops, and convenient drive-thru foods take the backseat to healthier options that are more important to me. Now I save my money for opportunities to enjoy experiences or gifts with my friends and family whereas before I was more likely to indulge in several unhealthy solo spending adventures.

10) A Credible Excuse for Avoidance Sometimes people ask you to do things that you really do not want to do, and then you accept the invitations only to kick yourself in the tush later because you just wasted your time and money on something you don’t prioritize.  Why do that? If I tell people, “Thanks for invitation but that activity is not within my budget”, it’s easier for them to accept my decline because they know that it’s not because of my feelings towards them, it’s because of my own beliefs and preferences when it comes to spending money.

To all my friends out there: It’s not you, it’s me my budget.


If the thought of living life on a budget and devising a plan for gaining control of your finances makes you choke on that turkey leg,  check out our Getting Started page by clicking the link in the menu bar at the top of the page and be sure to check  Sam’s latest post 7 Days to a  Simple Debt Payoff Plan if being in debt has your overwhelmed.


Check out our post and other awesome financial insights on the Saturday Link Up!

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving celebrating all the things you are grateful for with the people you love most! Does anybody have exciting plans?

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Graduation Season: Surviving the Cost of Parties and Presents

Summer is nearly here and along with that comes an onslaught of graduating seniors set to embark on big changes and exciting adventures. While it’s a time of celebrations and congratulations, graduation season can become stressful—if you let it.  Whether you have a long list of parties to attend or the pressure of planning a superb party for one of your own,  you should know that  keeping costs low usually decreases your stress levels too.

Party Planner Banner

All of these party item can be found on the tackiest shelf in the 99 Cent store...but sometimes tacky is so bad it's good.

All of these party item can be found on the tackiest shelf in the 99 Cent store…but sometimes tacky is so bad it’s good.

Embrace a DOLLAR STORE party with open arms

I feel pride (not shame) when I say I pulled together a graduation party for my fiancé last spring after he finished his Masters program by purchasing and using only dollar store items.  I spent less than $15.00 total to round up the final items that I didn’t already have at home—such as napkins/paper towels, cups, plastic ware, paper plates, serving bowls, serving trays, tablecloths, streamers, confetti, and pitchers. To me it only makes sense to spend little amounts of money on things that will end up in a dumpster the next morning. Save your money for a nicer gift!

All items in this picture can be purchased at the 99 cent store!

All items in this picture can be purchased at the 99 cent store!

A variety of colors of plastic ware are available in packs of 45 at the 99 cent store!

A variety of colors of plastic ware are available in packs of 45 at the 99 cent store!

All items in this picture can be purchased at the 99 cent store!

All items in this picture can be purchased at the 99 cent store!

Cheesey graduation cap centerpiece, cupcake display, and cupcake liners are all cheap at the 99 cent store!

Cheesey graduation cap centerpiece, cupcake display, and cupcake liners are all cheap at the 99 cent store!

In addition to planning a becoming the VIP shopper at your local discount dollar store, you can save money while planning a graduation party by using some of these tips too!

*Buy some (if not all) of your food using the money you typically spend on groceries. This might require you to eat cereal for dinner for a few days—which when you think about it, isn’t really that bad…no dishes :)

*If people offer to help you, let them help you.  This is where I have failed in the past and continue to fail frequently now, so I’m not passing any judgment on someone who tends to reject help. BUT…I’ve learned that the people who tell you they want to bring food or want to help set up before you even consider asking them usually really, truly want to do play some part in planning and/or providing for the big day. LET THEM HELP YOU. It might save you money, but more importantly it makes them happy and usually makes things more fun for you!

*BYBIB. Buy your beverages in bulk.

*Forget about all of the small details, because everyone else will too. Most people will not notice if you had nice napkins or serving trays or a cheap, plastic tablecloth from Dollar Tree (and if they do, they might need to talk to someone who can help them set their priorities straight), so don’t waste your time or money on them. FOOD and FUN should be your top priorities, if enjoyment is your goal.

*Borrow what you can. If you don’t have enough items like coolers, chairs, and tables stowed away in your storage room—ask your friends if you could borrow theirs for the day. Just remember that they are doing you a favor so you need to be the one that picks it up, and return it in a timely manner in good, clean condition.

How cute is my mom on her graduation day?

How cute is my mom on her graduation day?

3 gifts

1. Write someone a heartfelt letter – Loving letters are waaaaay underrated these days! A letter is so personal and meaningful, and it is something they can keep forever. Who wouldn’t want to have a concrete reminder that someone is proud and impressed with what they are doing with their life?!? Plus, you don’t have to worry about giving a duplicate gift!

2. Gift baskets Gift baskets are excellent ways to make practical gifts more fun, especially if you have multiple graduation parties to attend. You can find some great ones at this website: How Does She

3. Make it personal I am always going to choose warm fuzzy feelings over worth in dollars, so I am biased when it comes to thought vs. money spent. That being said, a gift that demonstrates you have taken the time to deeply consider what someone would want or buy/create a gift that represents who that individual uniquely is will be more meaningful than a price tag. Invested time is a valuable currency.

Congratulations to anyone who is moving up or moving out this graduation season!

Dream Big! –Juno

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Cinco de Mayo: Party Ideas for $5 or Less



Fiestas don’t have to cost a fortune to be fun! Read on to find ways to save money on Food, Drinks, Presentation, Decoration, and Entertainment when throwing together a Cinco de Mayo shindig with your amigos!


Cinco de Mayo party foods for $5 or less! Tortilla chips are a must, and I’ve also included key ingredients* for two of my favorite fiesta dishes.

Cinco Food*All starred food items can be used in not one, but TWO different Mexico-inspired recipes. Head on over to Pinch of Yum to get a Crockpot Mexican Chicken recipe that won’t disappoint and will feed your entire party. You can use the leftover ingredients to make your own variation of Tortilla Roll Ups. There are SO MANY variations of this recipe out there, but my favorite version combines cream cheese (about 8 oz), shredded cheese, chopped jalepenos, salsa, chopped red onion, and hot sauce (all ingrediants other than cream cheese to taste)–sspread on a tortilla, rolled up, refrigerated, and sliced ready to serve.

Many essential ingredients are probably already in your house! Look around before you make your grocery list!


 If you want to make the Crockpot Mexican Chicken, you will have to “splurge” on 1lb of chicken breast if you don’t already have that ingredient in your refrigerator. If your “splurge” is 1-2 dollars above your budget, you aren’t doing too bad :)


There are many ways to quench your guests’ thirst on a warm May afternoon without spending mroe than $5.00

Cinco Drinks


You went through the process of making food and drinks for your guests, so of course you want to have it displayed well. For an informal Cinco de Mayo celebration, I think there are only two logical options here:

  1. Use what you have :)
  2. Hit up the Dollar Store for some festive bowls and serving trays


You can give your Cinco de Mayo party a festive vibe using items that cost $5 or less! Keep your eyes open for unique finds when walking down the aisles of thrift shops or the Dollar Store. You can also search your old costume chest for some common items that add that Southwestern flare—and then use them again next year!

Cinco Decorations


Okay, everything else is taken care of, and now you just need to make sure your guests enjoy themselves…easier said than done sometimes 😉 Here is a list of surefire ways to up your entertainment cred. Don’t be afraid to take some classics and add a Mexican twist to make them holiday appropriate!

Cinco Entertainment

Now that you have some tools to help get prepped for a savvy and festive Cinco de Mayo fiesta, maybe next Monday isn’t looking too bad 😉 Hasta Luego mis amigos!

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