Our brains are swimming with financially responsible and bearable ideas, strategies, and plans that we are constantly incorporating into our lives and are excited to share with you! While most of our daily activities are original ideas, we are also acting as a middle (wo)man  between you and some of our best resources. Might as well make introductions! Below you will find a list of resources that we use for a variety of financial-driven agendas.  Most of them involve fun, and ALL of them are guaranteed to make your life easier.


Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey

This book has all the basics of getting it together financially. Basically, we believe his system is a true path to success with money, but we also believe that following that system is an EXTREME way of life. If you stick with us long enough, you will notice we have an underlying feeling of love towards Mr. Ramsey and his brutal honesty demonstrated by his black and white approach to becoming a financial success story, but we also love creating ways to be successful and happy while bending rules and living in a grey area at times. Nonetheless, if you read Total Money Makeover, you will notice that some pieces of our vision were inspired and pulled from the pages of this empowering book.

Budget Calculators

Using a budget calculator can help you look at your own debt in a different way.  These calculators allow you to input your debt amount, interest rate, monthly payments, and length of loan.  It can tell you how much your monthly payments might be (if you’re still in school), how long it will take you to pay off your loan, or how much you end up paying given interest rate and rate of payment. has several loan calculators to calculate mortgages, student loans, and credit cards.


Growing up parents, teachers, coaches, and all other adults responsible for molding you into the best person you can be—yada, yada, yada—emphasize the importance of being a leader. Sorry, Mom, but in the world of Twitter, it pays to be a follower. Sam and I are both on twitter. We have a whopping combined 45 followers and 68 tweets (YES, COMBINED!!), but we are super-duper good at following. We follow restaurants, parks, stores, and events that we love. It’s a great place to find random daily deals or sales, and even if you can’t personally partake in a steal or freebie, it will brighten your day if you share the info with someone who can. Share the love!

Apps Gone Free

Apps Gone Free is a free app that my mom introduced me to, and it is awesome! Here is how it works: Every day many, many apps temporarily reduce or waive their standard price to create buzz about themselves. Apps Gone Free provides you with a list that is updated daily and contains the best and most popular apps that are up for grabs, free of charge, for that day only. If you are anything like me, you will also enjoy a rush of excitement in finding out what apps are free each day. It kind of reminds me of how I used to feel waking up on Christmas morning—maybe that feeling divided by five—still exciting though!

The Bills 

The Bills is another phone app that I like to use, and true to my trade I found it when it was a daily freebie on Apps Gone Free! It helps you organize and stay up to date on all of your bills. This is one of those resources that is a little heavier in the area of making life easier than it is in making life fun. However, I do find myself enjoying life a little more when my mind isn’t spiraling into a panic because I’m a financial hot mess.

I Radio

We both tune into the Dave Ramsey show on I  Radio on a daily basis. Sam listens while she gets ready for work, and Brittany listens while she drives there. Sometimes there are viewer questions that relate to our lives and situations. Sometimes there are success stories that pump us up and give us hope. And sometimes there are stories that remind us that everything could be much, much worse. HOLY NUTS! Some of those horror stories belong around a campfire a midnight. If nothing else, that radio talk show will keep you motivated to put as much distance as possible between yourself and a financial nightmare.

Charity Miles

Just because your purse strings are tight doesn’t mean your heartstrings need to be tightly tied in a knot. Charity Miles is a free app that allows you to raise money for a charity of your choice when you walk, run, or bike. You log the miles, which are tracked using GPS on your phone, and corporations will donate the cash (10 cents per mile on wheels and 25 cents per mile on foot). In other words, you can shrink your tush–while you are raising money for a charity you support–while you are saving money for yourself. win!-win!-win!


If you’ve got some great connections that we haven’t posted to our site yet, please share them with us!


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