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Cinco de Mayo: Party Ideas for $5 or Less



Fiestas don’t have to cost a fortune to be fun! Read on to find ways to save money on Food, Drinks, Presentation, Decoration, and Entertainment when throwing together a Cinco de Mayo shindig with your amigos!


Cinco de Mayo party foods for $5 or less! Tortilla chips are a must, and I’ve also included key ingredients* for two of my favorite fiesta dishes.

Cinco Food*All starred food items can be used in not one, but TWO different Mexico-inspired recipes. Head on over to Pinch of Yum to get a Crockpot Mexican Chicken recipe that won’t disappoint and will feed your entire party. You can use the leftover ingredients to make your own variation of Tortilla Roll Ups. There are SO MANY variations of this recipe out there, but my favorite version combines cream cheese (about 8 oz), shredded cheese, chopped jalepenos, salsa, chopped red onion, and hot sauce (all ingrediants other than cream cheese to taste)–sspread on a tortilla, rolled up, refrigerated, and sliced ready to serve.

Many essential ingredients are probably already in your house! Look around before you make your grocery list!


 If you want to make the Crockpot Mexican Chicken, you will have to “splurge” on 1lb of chicken breast if you don’t already have that ingredient in your refrigerator. If your “splurge” is 1-2 dollars above your budget, you aren’t doing too bad :)


There are many ways to quench your guests’ thirst on a warm May afternoon without spending mroe than $5.00

Cinco Drinks


You went through the process of making food and drinks for your guests, so of course you want to have it displayed well. For an informal Cinco de Mayo celebration, I think there are only two logical options here:

  1. Use what you have :)
  2. Hit up the Dollar Store for some festive bowls and serving trays


You can give your Cinco de Mayo party a festive vibe using items that cost $5 or less! Keep your eyes open for unique finds when walking down the aisles of thrift shops or the Dollar Store. You can also search your old costume chest for some common items that add that Southwestern flare—and then use them again next year!

Cinco Decorations


Okay, everything else is taken care of, and now you just need to make sure your guests enjoy themselves…easier said than done sometimes 😉 Here is a list of surefire ways to up your entertainment cred. Don’t be afraid to take some classics and add a Mexican twist to make them holiday appropriate!

Cinco Entertainment

Now that you have some tools to help get prepped for a savvy and festive Cinco de Mayo fiesta, maybe next Monday isn’t looking too bad 😉 Hasta Luego mis amigos!

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