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Healthy Habits could Help your Budget


In general, I like to think that I make an effort to live a lifestyle that is filled with mostly healthy habits. I like to be comfortably active—which to me means enjoying a peaceful jog on a Saturday morning, sun salutating my way through some relaxing yoga, or playing a semi-competitive tennis match. There is no sprinting or “maxing out” included in my workout game. My typical diet consists of mostly healthy foods (God bless that 80-20 mantra), and I make a conscious effort to keep my mind in a healthy, calm state.

Recently I have taken my typical, healthy habits and kicked them up a notch, and what I noticed—aside from me wanting to eat brownies so badly that I second guess the decision of walking past fallen pieces that are laying on the floor without eating them—is that my day to day budget has fattened up a bit. I mean, thank goodness, right? Whenever I am venturing outside of my comfort zone in the world of diet or fitness, aka not eating dessert every day, in order to achieve a long-term goal that is awesome but very abstract and seems like an empty promise in the beginning, I am glad to take any silver lining I can get!

It’s an everyday battle to eat really healthy and exercise , but knowing that my healthy habits are benefiting my budget and bank account in addition to my body is the motivation I need to help me go that extra mile…when what my belly is begging me to do is eat that extra cupcake!

1. Healthy Smoothie Habit: I can’t get my smoothie from a drive through and know exactly what is in it, so I’m forced to make it at home. I get home from work, put my veggies and fruit in my bullet, blend, and drink that down. Now I have a healthy ritual that also saves me money.smoothie habit

2. Regular Workouts: Workouts are good for your body, but Dang! That is a time consuming process. Get into workout clothes, do workout, cool down/stretch, shower, wet hair problems…When all is said and done, I’ve used up at least an hour of time during which I could have been out spending money.

3. Alcohol Abstinence: Refraining from alcohol during this time frame has probably had the biggest impact on my overall health. I sleep better, keep a routine, my skin looks better, and I’m less bloated. To top it all off, I’m not spending money on overpriced drinks!

4. Sound Sleep and Lots of It: When I’m exercising and eating well, I not only sleep better but am able to maintain a consistent sleep pattern as well. Plus, I need that extra sleep to help my body recover from my own personal version of hell—leg days.  More sleepy time means fewer opportunities for exhaustion-induced mindless spending.

sleepy time

5. Packing Lunch: When you are hard core watching every bite you put in your mouth, the very idea of trying to navigate a restaurant menu or convenience store while in a pinch over your lunch break is too overwhelming to take on. I’d much rather throw some tuna and an apple in a lunch box and call it a day. Clearly, I lead a glamorous life.

6. Drinking Water: If I’m hitting my daily water-chugging goals, there is little room for any other beverages, and that means I have ended my 3 o’clock dates with the Diet Coke vending machine at work.

7. Social Activities: Most healthy social engagements also fall into the low-cost category, so that has been double fist-pumping victory for me lately—Here’s to you hiking, biking, going on walks, and having a picnic.


That 1-2 punch of knowing that I’m helping my body and my bank account when I walk past vending machines, skip that second beer, or hit the sack early really helps me stay on track with my healthy habits. Does anyone else feel the same way, or am I really stretching (pun alert!) to find reasons to stay on that healthy bandwagon? In addition to monetary accomplishments, what else motivates you to stay on track?

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