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What to Ditch in December for Less Stress this Holiday Season


Experiencing the season of sleigh bells and the scent of pine (ahhh it’s so good) as an adult is a little different from the visions I remember seeing through my childhood eyes. Times have changed and so have my Christmas-Colored glasses. Sometimes when I get really overwhelmed I start hearing a cheering squad of elves chanting…

When you say “Christmas Tree” I say “Vacuuming”!

When you say “Cookies” I say “Weight Gain”!

When you say “Parties” I say “More Sleep”!

So that cheering is a bit exaggerated, and overall I really do like the Holiday season, but man it can become S-T-R-E-S-S-F-U-L if you let it. Luckily, I know that I can make little changes in my daily life during the month of December to save money and decrease stress (more often than not, those two go hand in hand) so that I can ditch the Grinchy Vibes and allocate the majority of my brain power can be spent thinking about really important things like …

  1. Hitting every Holiday Party. There are so many parties this time of year. It’s completely acceptable to turn a few down. It saves money on the inevitable grab bag gift and potluck item, but it also leaves more time for other important life things…like sleep. 😉 This year I am attending 3/5.
  2. Going out to Eat. Seriously, this time of year I feel like every time I turn a corner I stumble upon another holiday dish. People are baking and sharing constantly, so enjoy those as your eating “treats” and forgo eating out so you can put your money to better causes—like returning the cookie-baking favor or scoring amazing gifts for your family and friends.
  3. Last Minute Shopping. If you are one of those people who gets their shopping completed only when it’s preceded by the countdown-clock adrenaline rush, move right on down to number four. Last minute shopping can’t exist in my happy place. It just can’t.
  4. Trying to bring the Best Gift for the White Elephant Gift Exchange. It cannot be held against me to promote humility during the holiday season can it? I’m not advocating for you to bring the worst gift either, but it is important to remember that physical gifts are just one teeny tiny part of the whole face-stuffing, hug-giving, mistletoe-hopping holiday party scene. Let your love be louder than your gift (consider my token holiday cheesy comment completed—but you guys know I’m right). 😉
  5. Shopping for Yourself. Put your own shopping wants on the backburner so you can focus your time, energy, and money on others. I’m sure you’ve got plenty of friends and family that are doing the same for you!
  6. Going for Best Dressed. It is 100% okay to wear clothes that you already own to your holiday party despite what the beautiful holiday ads are telling you. But you already knew that, didn’t you?
  7. Guilt.  Don’t beat yourself up for not saving every penny you wanted to keep in your bank account, missing a few parties, wearing the same holiday ensemble twice, or eating a couple dozen extra cookies this holiday season. Santa ain’t got no time for that!

These are all simple tweaks that I can survive without for a short amount of time in order to enjoy the holiday season in a way that would make Buddy the Elf proud.

What change-ups in your typical routine do you make so that you have more time and money for others during the holiday season? What are you not willing to compromise on?

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