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10 Instances when being Lazy Saves you Money

10 Instances when being Lazy Saves you Money

In the financial world, there is a plethora of books, articles, and blogs dedicated to providing strategies and plans that help you become the most financially savvy version of yourself. Time after time these resources hammer home messages of working hard, staying motivated, and taking advantage of opportunities as they arise in order to be as financially successful as possible. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m guilty of frequently promoting the these worker bee messages, and in full honesty, I do believe in them; however I am a human, and “working hard” does not always make it onto my agenda. Sue me.

Sometimes, I don’t want to work hard. Sometimes, I’m in such a sloth-like mode that sitting on the couch isn’t lazy enough for me—I must LAY on it and not move until I’ve watched eight episodes of House of Cards in a row. Maybe nine.

In a recent moment of extreme relaxation, I realized that a lot of my “lazy” traits and tendencies toward “taking it easy” are actually excellent money savers. This post is my love letter to the couch potato living inside of me and all my fellow veggers out there. The next time you are shaming yourself for not staying out late enough to see the sun set rise, read this and remember that sometimes it “pays” to be lazy.

1. Slacking on Holiday Décor

Do I feel like a bit of a Grinch when I don’t fill my home with holiday cheer each year–Yes. Do I save money and time by skipping it–Yes.  Am I losing any sleep over my lack of Christmas lights–No.

2. Skipping Sporting Events

One of my favorite leisure activities is going to sporting events, but on the rare occasion that I’m not into the idea of parking a half mile away from a stadium, navigating crowds, crawling across the laps of 12 people I don’t know to get to my seat, and maintaining attention on an entire game, I take solace in the fact that I’m not just a loser…I’m a money-saving loser.

3. Early to Bed

Falling asleep on the couch at 7:30 on a Friday may create subtle feelings of embarrassment when swapping weekend stories with my friends, but I am fully happy to catch those extra ZZZ’s (and the newest episode of Hart of Dixie—guilty pleasure alert).  Also, if you are snoozin’ you definitely aren’t out boozin’, eating, paying covers, etc.

4. Water-less Sunning

Going to the pool is quintessential summertime in my mind, but some days the furthest I get my bikini-clad self is out my backdoor and onto a patio lawn chair. Ten minutes of driving for 60 minutes of sun feels like a large investment on the sloth days. I must also clarify that when I say “sunning” I mean letting the sun warm my SPF 70 slathered body–it’s the feeling of being scorched that I’m enjoying more so than destroying my skin.

5. Leftovers are my Jam!

…Because when I’m too lazy to cook and clean my kitchen I make the most of what I have and stretch my meals into leftovers multiple times a week.

6. Wedding Simplifications

My neglect towards having programs, menus, place cards, additional decorations, and run-of-the-mill favors at my wedding was mostly due to a lack of desire in adding additional tasks and planning to my to-do list; however it also helped me save several hundred dollars at the least.

7. Love of Yoga Pants and Elastic Waistbands

Sometimes the idea of changing out of my yoga pants and into “public clothes” is enough of a deterrent to squash any desire of leaving the house for any reason–shopping, dinner, ice cream, etc.

8. Afternoon Naps

When a post-workday nap trumps Happy Hour, you can save yourself at least 10 bucks and some calories—why is it only the fried foods that go half-price!?!?

9. Mediocre Workout Routine

This is hard for me to say because I do place my health high on my list of priorities, and I’m at my happiest when I’m making sure that I get enough cardio and strength exercising in throughout my week.  My lack of motivation to sign up for races, gym memberships, and the such save me money by eliminating gym membership fees, putting less miles on my running shoes, etc.

10. Stay-Cations instead of Vacations

Stay-cations are a lazy mentality’s dream come true! Days off work, nowhere to be, nothing to do, and consequently–nothing to pay for. A little R&R is good for your mind, body, and budget.

 While the idea of being a go-getting, mega-hustling human being 100% of the time might sound appealing, the truth is that it is simply unrealistic—unless you are Sam, but that is an entirely different story in which her stamina is the exception to the rule 😉  Most of us need breaks from intensity and to-do lists every once in awhile. Why not enjoy the silver lining while you are at it?

What is your favorite way to get lazy, and how does it help you save money?

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